Each student-athlete has a unique story and a different financial situation. With long practices and classes, finding a full-time job isn't an option for most athletes. We at VillageSports Inc. wanted to create a platform that blends both the passion of the game with the demand from athletes to have flexible working hours. Not only is it something I know how to do, but love to do it.

Growing up and playing soccer, a lot of my teammates had the tools to make it to the next level. However, many of them just didn't have the right motivation and guidance to keep playing. With the right amount of coaching and hard work, I believe their stories would have been different - mine certainly was. We at VillageSports want to be a mentor in your children's lives - helping them improve their game and keeping them engaged in their passions.


In a village, everyone has a purpose and the wise will help guide the young. This is the story behind VillageSports. A socially-responsible coaching platform created to connect student-athletes with kids to help them improve their game while giving back to the community.

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