Being a student athlete is a full time job and not every athlete is on a full ride. We have a couple hours a week we can dedicate to work and I choose to coach. Not only is it something I know how to do, but love to do.

Growing up and playing soccer I definitely was not the most talented. A lot of my teammates had more tools to make it to the next level, but they just did not have the right motivation and guidance to keep playing. They ended up getting involved in other things and it hurts me to know they ended up on the street. Under the right guidance and coaching I believe their stories would have been different; mine certainly was. We all need that bigger brother or sister stepping into our lives, helping us improve our game and keeping the next generation off the streets. In a village everyone has a purpose and the wise will help guide the young.


This is the story behind VillageSports. A socially responsible coaching platform created to connect student athletes with kids to help them improve their game, while giving back to the community.

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